Each semester, California Community Colleges are required to assess student learning outcomes. This semester, we are using the following assessment: Collect and analyze data in order to develop a thesis that addresses a key political science puzzle. This paper should be one to two pages, double spaced, along with at least one credible source. No special formatting is needed! It requires some objective research, not just your personal opinion. What are the most important factors in whether a president wins reelection? Google Professor Lichtman and see his “13 Keys.” Now apply them to a one-term president who sought a second term, but lost. You are to select one of the following elections, but feel free to identify any themes/commonality among them, such as a poor economy. According to Lichtman’s 13 Keys, why did Trump lost to Biden (2020)? Or, why did Taft lose to Wilson (1912)? Hoover to Roosevelt (1932)? Carter to Reagan (1980)? or George HW Bush to Bill Clinton (1992)?

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