For this assignment, you will look at one of these debates, discover the evidence used to support each side, determine which side you support and why, and defend your choice. The debate you will be looking at will be “Was Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy Motivated by Humanitarian Impulses?” Read the excerpts from the two books provided in the document “Indian Removal Debate” attached at the bottom of this text box. Robert V. Remini, in Andrew Jackson and the Course of American Freedom argues “Yes;” Anthony F.C. Wallace, in The Long, Bitter Trail: Andrew Jackson and the Indians argues “No.” As you read, highlight the evidence (historical facts) used by each historian. (The website I used to create the document is linked at the bottom if you want to go to it.)
Your first task in this assignment is to come up with a list of facts from each side that you feel is most convincing. Write a list in your own words for both sides; each list of facts should be at least 6 facts long. Because we are all using the same document, you do not need to create cites for each fact, but give the page number of the document you got the fact from after each list. Additionally, if you wish to use the textbook, you may, but you must cite it and give the page numbers the facts came from.
After you have read the excerpts and created your list, decide which side you agree with. Please note that for this assignment, it would not be a good idea to choose a middle road; pick one side or the other. Since they are diametrically opposed, picking a middle road would lead to your paper saying nothing.
Once you have decided which side you agree with, then write a two to four page (double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font) position paper. In it, give a traditional introduction stating both sides and giving a thesis with your opinion and why you feel that way. Then present your evidence, using the list from your side as a basis. Be sure to use quotes with analysis to further support your ideas (cite the quotes in MLA format). You must also give a summary of the other side of the argument. You should state why the facts on that side did not convince you; again, quotes may be used. Finish the paper with a conclusion that restates your thesis and main points of support and shows how you proved your thesis. Attach a works cited page in MLA format with the website and textbook, if you use it. You must turn in the two facts lists, the position paper, and the works cited page. Put them together into one document.
Please only use two pages for the essay portion and 1 page for the 6 facts each portion. The only source that should be used is the attached word document. Please include MLA format quite citations.

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