The title of the paper is :
Eyes Wide Shut: The Erasure of Identity Through the Conceptualization of Color-Evasiveness
Please make sure the paper matches the title.
Requirements for Final Drafts:
Typed, Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced with 1” margins and appropriate header
Length: 5-7 pages
My original paper was about critical race theory and racial color-blindness. This paper will continue the conversation on Racial Colorblindness (required by the professor), but this time I would like to focus on society’s attempt to erase the identity of non-whites using the concept of racial colorblindness and why this is actually perpetuating racism.
Documentation: accurate MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page for 6 to 8 sources (must be academic/scholarly sources)
Parts required:
Introduction (Title, Lead-In (must be an attention grabber), Background, Definitions, Focus)
Must have strong “Topic Sentences” and transition smoothly between key points
3 to 4 Well-Developed and Reasoned Points
Must provide strong Evidence/Quotes w/ Appropriate Integration and Explanations
Must have a “Refutation Section/Rogerian Argument”
The Conclusion (Must Return to Claim, Main Points, Solution, and/or Return to Intro.)
Correct MLA 8 & In-Text Citation Format
Awareness of Audience: Academic Language (Tone, Voice, & Diction*)
Free of Grammatical/Mechanical/Format/Spelling Errors
to use one of the stasis of argument (types of claims) to persuade an academic audience to accept your argument as sound or change their behavior accordingly
use sound and responsible reasoning to back your main points
to write in Port. 2 a source-based argument using the sources you research (in other words, use sufficient, credible evidence – should be scholarly)
to add to the conversation (contributing something unique and new) and not just repeat someone else’s argument
to structure the argument in an academic format
to provide a fair and accurate refutation
This paper calls for 6-8 sources.
I have uploaded two sources that I thought would be useful. You can choose the other 4-6 sources but please provide me a link to view them prior to adding them to the paper so that I can approve them for use.
My position in this paper is that I am against the racial-colorblind theory because it perpetuates racism.
The professor is requesting the first draft no later than Friday so they can ensure we are doing it correctly.
We are required to use the TREX method in writing for each key point:
T= Topic Sentence
R= Reasoning
E= Evidence
X= Explanation
The Introduction can not be longer than one page long.
The conclusion can not exceed 1/2 of a page or two paragraphs in length).
A sample paper that was provided by the professor is attached
Some guidance on writing the paper:
Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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