1. A completed budget using the Excel spreadsheet of the Statement of Activities.
Rename the statement BUDGET PROPOSAL and change the dates to reflect a fiscal year that ends in June 2022.
Rename the BUDGET column BUDGET 21
Create a new column to the right of VARIANCE and label it BUDGET 22.
Enter your new budget numbers in the BUDGET 22 column
You may create new accounts if you wish. However, make sure they are numbered properly in the Chart of Accounts
Create a new column to the right of BUDGET 22 and label it NOTES
Include in the NOTES column any brief explanations for budget number changes from 20 that are appropriate, for example, “Switching phone carriers”
2. A 3-4 page explanation of what you’ve done. Please note: I do NOT want you to simply go down the list of the accounts and tell me what has changed. (“For the scene design column, I added $100. For costumes, I decreased it by $500.”) Instead:
Refer to previous papers and touch on each of the issues you brought up and what you decided to do about them. (“I knew we had to do something about earned income, so I decided the organization should do a combination of raising ticket prices and instituting a new fundraising event because…”)
Discuss how the budget reflects the organization’s mission, priorities and goals
Calculate the new ratios and comment on how they compare to last year’s and your goals
Note specifically any new line items or significant changes you made to the accounts and why
Close with an overall conclusion about how you feel your new budget addresses Child’s Play’s current situation and positions them for the future.

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