APA FORMAT PLEASE—Based on your organizational assessment and root cause analysis (SWOT, PEST, & 5 WHYS), write a brief 1-2 page change proposal with an appendix outlining a diagram representation of a strategy to address/improve your selected organization problem.
In your change proposal:
Include a problem statement.
Within the paper, propose a change intervention as a solution to remedy the identified root-cause, supported by evidence and a change model.
Draft a pictorial representation of a strategy to move your change forward. Include in the Appendix of your paper. Your pictorial representation can be a change model, algorithm, flow chart, diagram, etc. The choice is up to you. Examples: Lean, Six Sigma, Kotter, Lewin, etc. Diagram should be clear and easy to follow. It should be centered on an evidence-based change model.
Include an APA citation of the model you chose or adapted.
APA Title page, Reference page, and Appendix of diagram are required.
Use correct writing mechanics such as third person, correct spelling, appropriate grammar.
Strategy for Change paper will be graded out of 100 points using the following criteria:
Problem descriiption (contains 1. problem statement and 2. statement of root-cause of problem with a descriiption of how you determined the root-cause) – 25 points
Proposed change (clear descriiption of change intervention to resolve problem) – 10 points
Strategy is visually represented in Appendix-Strategy diagram is clear/understandable and also briefly discussed in paper – 10 points
Strategy process includes metrics to evaluate the success of the implementation of the change intervention – 10 points
Strategy uses an evidence-based change model (model clearly represents sustainable process for implementation of change intervention) – 25 points
Appropriate citation/reference of model/ APA – 10 points
Writing mechanics – 10 points

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