**Chapter 4 layout – Data descriiption and analysis – 2,500 words**
Things to include:
*Write a brief introduction: identify the content of your chapter and describe how you will analyse your findings. Include useful information to to place your findings in context.
*Present your data in an incremental way, using the process of descriiption > analysis > synthesis
*Descriiption is a simple process, entailing the basic reporting and chronicling of results (who said what, etc)
*Analysis is intelligent interpretation of the descriiption
*Synthesis occurs when you compare and contrast your findings against your Literature review findings.
*A summary of your findings requires summative commentary on each sub-section in the form of a single paragraph or a bullet point list.
Data needs to be presented below: (i will attache the data collated for below graphs).
Column – good for comparing values and ranking top to bottom
Bar – good for comparing values and ranking top to bottom
Line – good for comparing values over time
Pie – good for comparing each value with the total value
Scatter – good for comparing pairs of values.
I will attache the data collated – a) survey b)interviews conducted
There will need to be specific references included – again I will include; ‘How to do your research project’ By Gary Thomas Chapter 8 ‘How to analyse the information you gather’ p234-242 and ‘Succeeding with your masters dissertation’ By John Biggam Framework for data analysis p191-199 (i can email theses chapter to you along with the data, so you do not need to research. I also have my literature review that I can email to refer to back to with including reverences.

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