. Communicate your feedback in an encouraging, professional manner. All edits should be made on the actual document.
. In this assignment, make extensive comments directly on the peer-review draft paper (from title page to reference page). Evaluate scholarly discourse, including theme development, appropriateness of content, transitions, clarity, and grammar, according to the assignment criteria. Comments should be presented in an encouraging and professional manner.
Use these questions as a guide when making comments on the assigned peer’s paper critique.
1. Does the writer make the barrier or issue clear in the introduction?
2. Does the writer’s course of action for addressing the barrier or issue follow the logic model?
3. Does the writer meet the criteria for each section as presented in the assignment?
4. Does the writer use professional health care terminology appropriately and correctly?
5. Does the paper flow smoothly? Does the paper follow a clear organizational pattern? Do the body paragraphs occur in a logical order? If not, suggest which paragraphs should be moved, where they should be placed, and why.
6. Do you notice any errors in grammar, mechanics, punctuation, or APA formatting?
7. What advice can you give this writer for each section of the paper and to improve the draft overall (suggestions for improvement, outside resources/sources)?
Your feedback will help your fellow student identify possible strengths, weaknesses, and basic errors. Be thorough, keeping in mind that the suggestions you provide will help your classmate make the changes necessary to complete a more successful paper.

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