* Complete a short report describing the newborn: immediate assessment priorities, airway, thermoregulation, Apgar score, etc
* Discuss assessment of the newborn after immediate adjustment to extrauterine life. Include how you would go about it, which reflexes are checked, etc. Include medications administered to the newborn before discharge and why they are given and when.
* Discuss nursing care of the newborn and conditions to report. For example, what is the normal respiratory rate for the newborn and differentiate between normal and abnormal.
The written assignment should be a minimum of 2 pages, APA, 12-point Roman numeral as per APA guidelines.
Please do not copy and paste. This is an individual assignment and it should reflect critical thinking and include two peer reviewed journal references (not later than 2018) Please provide the link to the journal articles. Do not use Web MD or Wikipedia.

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