For my assignment, we need to write to a corporation that is wasteful with plastic. This is a letter that builds off of a previous project (I did mine on plastic pollution in the ocean). I’m choosing to write this letter to ExxonMobil, urging them to switch to more eco-friendly ways of operation.
FOR THIS LETTER, I’d like for you to address ExxonMobil, state why you’re writing to them (say how they’re impacting plastic pollution, say how that impacts the ocean), and propose a solution on how they can change their ways to better alternatives. I need 3 sources, MLA cited on a separate page and also cited in-paper if used with direct quotes in the letter. Here’s a potential source you could use:
I also want a source looking deeper into ExxonMobil’s purpose, what they do, how they’re so wasteful, a realistic way they can better themselves, etc.
I’ll. send other information soon!

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