In this assignment you evaluate a corporate financial restatement against ethical standards, as well as its impact on corporate valuation and management actions.
Conduct further analysis on the corporate restatement that you chose in last week’s learning activity, Causes for a Financial Restatement.
Provide a link to the restatement that you have chosen.
Complete a 3–4 page analysis of your chosen company: Provide sufficient relevant background information on the company and its restatement that effectively informs and supports a subsequent analysis.
Provide a comprehensive analysis of the ways that the financial restatement might impact the short-term (1–2 years) stock price of the company that would effectively guide shareholder decisions.
Recommend managerial actions that would very likely mitigate similar future problems. Provide support for your recommendations.
Determine if management violated their own corporate code of ethics. Explain. Make sure to reference specific areas of their corporate code of conduct or other relevant ethical code or statute.
Use references.

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