Please upload a thoughtful, well-constructed reflection about the textbook, articles, videos, and other resources in this Module. Please be specific in your response. (See Below and Attachment)
This assignment is not a summary of the material, but an opportunity to draw conclusions about the material based on your values, experiences, and social work ethics. I remind you to run a spell-check or grammar-check before submitting the assignment.
One page
Double spaced
Include your name, date, course number, and topic at the top of your paper.
1) What is your first impression of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?
2) How did the resources in this Module on ASD change or support what you already knew about ASD?
3) What are the challenges you as a social worker might experience in diagnosing ASD?
BOOK: (See Attachments)
Gray, S. W. & Zide, M. R. (2016). Psychopathology: A competency-based assessment model of social workers (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning


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