Please use my topic from the attached outline I already submitted that was approved by teacher. I also am attaching the rubric. I also need 3 peer reviewed references. and I currently have 2 peer-reviewed articles in my outline. Need to follow outline format. Also need to discuss Lean Six Sigma
My topic is listed here: Lean intervention improves patient discharge times, improves emergency department throughput and reduces congestion using this article:
A 7–10 page paper is required to complete this course. Choose a case study based on the following criteria:
Approved topic
Major quality or compliance incident
Discussed in at least three peer-reviewed
Considered a best practice case study
Piques your interest
Demonstrates your understanding and ability to analyze quality/compliance issues using systems/tools from course
Be professional.
Follow APA 7 format for all written work.
Do not disclose confidential information without permission from your employer.
TurnItIn will be used to analyze final paper for academic integrity.
Finally, how can the analysis and recommendations from this case study be applied to other products or industries in order to prevent similar problems from occurring?

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