The Eassay have to be APA format
you must read the article :Adolescent Brains are works in process
Read, yes really read, the article! You will not be able to summarize,
analyze, evaluate, and reflect on the article unless you read it well . . . maybe
more than once.
• Assess the currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose of the
article using the CRAAP worksheet. You will summarize the results of the
CRAAP evaluation in the evaluation section of your critique.
• Use the OWL at Purdue APA Style Workshop and the sample critique to
answer any questions about format and style.
• Look through the Rubric to make sure you include exactly what I am
looking for in each section of the paper.
• When you begin your paper, use the template to set up your paper. Do not
change any of the formatting.
• Be sure to have at least one complete paragraph (minimum of five sentences
per paragraph) under each heading.
• If you use the template, the works cited page contains the correct citation of
the article. You should not need any other sources for this paper.
• DO NOT begin the paper with, “In this paper, I will discuss.”
• DO NOT write, “The article says.” Instead, you may use, “Spinks (2000)

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