This assignment is intended to assist you in clarifying ideas about the appropriate data collection plan for your study.
Review your variables (independent, dependent, etc.) and their operational definitions from assignment #2.
Describe the major data collection procedures and provide a copy of the instrument(s) to be used. How will you measure your variables? You can choose
a) a standardized measure for at least one of your variables. Once you’ve identified a standardized measure, list it and address issues of reliability and validity. What indicators (if applicable) of each are reported (Cronbach’s alpha, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, etc.), and are they strong enough? In addition, talk about the focus of the questions and whether they follow a certain pattern, and what kind of answers i.e., open-ended, close-ended including Likert scale, yes/no questions, discrete nominal also known as multiple-choice, discrete ordinal for example first, second, third. You can use the in-class exercise as a guide.
b) For those variables where an instrument is not readily available, indicate the concepts that need to be measured and identify how you plan to observe these concepts (e.g., direct observation, self-report [interviews, surveys, etc.], available records). Be sure to identify the level of measurement of your variables (nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio). Issues of reliability and validity should be addressed for these measures, as well. While you may not be able to cite formal reliability and validity statistics in these cases, you can state how reliability or validity may be compromised, how you would establish reliability and validity, how to face validity is established in your approach, etc. You can use the in-class exercise as a guide.
3. Sampling strategy:
What type of sampling techniques you will be using to collect your data; probability Vs. nonprobability sampling.
Which subtype of probability or nonprobability sampling you will utilize i.e. simple random sample if you are using probability sampling techniques, or quota sampling if you are using nonprobability sampling techniques.
The rationale for your selection. Why did you choose this type of sample and how would it help you collect necessary data from your targeted population and help answer your research question?
The source of your sample, and the number of subjects you will select in your sample.
If you anticipated limitations resulting from using your sampling plan.
Any ethical issues are important to consider in your sampling plan.
Hypothesis: State the hypothesized relationship(s) among the variables in your hypothesis (es).
Important Note: your Research Methodology assignment should be submitted in Word format to your Blackboard using font type Times New Roman, font size (12). Expected Page length (3 – 5 Pages) double spaced excluding cover page and list of references. Make sure to adhere to APA style format and academic writing standards throughout your paper.
PLEASE USE contemporary scholarly sources that have been published in the past 10 years max.
below there are the previous assignments that have been done in conjunction with this assignment, please read and review the criticism sandpaper clearly to avoid the same mistakes
DV- Suicide rates

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