This assignment is worth 20 points — a substantial portion of your final grade. While there is no set length, I would think one would need at least several pages to do the question justice. Attend to all parts of the question and give a thorough account, explaining the respective positions. You will also want to argue for one approach over another, offering reasons that would appeal to the fair-minded or neutral reader, one interested solely in learning the truth.
On New Year’s Eve Sober Stan swerves to avoid a deer, hits a patch of ice on the road, and accidentally plows into a family of four out for a walk, killing them all. On the following morning Drunk Dan, inebriated after a night of partying, loses control of his vehicle and plows into a different family of four, killing them all.
Was Sober Stan free to do otherwise? Is he morally responsible for the deaths? Was Drunk Dan free to do otherwise? Is he morally responsible for the deaths?
Briefly explain hard determinism, soft determinism, and libertarianism, and show how proponents of each approach would answer all of the above questions. Along the way, you’ll want to be sure to explain the difference between compatibilism and incompatibilism. In the end, which approach seems strongest to you here? Why? Elaborate fully.
Do not quote other sources — either from within the course or from without — back to me. Put matters in your own words. Evidence that work has been appropriated directly from elsewhere will resign in a zero on the assignment, and in some cases a failing grade in the class. Know, too, that while I am interested in your views here, they should be views informed by the reading.
Please either compose your essay in the message box or cut and paste your essay in the box (not in the “feedback” or “comments” boxes). Don’t use attached files or links. Your essay is due at noon on Saturday, November 13. This is a hard and fast deadline. Extensions will be granted in only unusual circumstances.
Good luck!
Grading Criteria for the essay are as follows:
A strong essay will lay out the respective positions in clear and detailed terms, emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of each, and offer convincing reasons to show why one approach is superior to the other. The accounts should display a ready and thorough knowledge of course material. (18-20 points).

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