this paper will include. 1. background and problem statement 2. Introduction 3. Literature Review of the Problem:(Topic/Issue) 7.Solution/Intervention 8. Implementation/Intervention Steps 9. Conclusion 10. reference points to consider. -this unit does more of admission assessment, but can the patient develop a pressure injury during hospitalization? – compare Initial skin assessment vs change of shift to bring out why change of shift is also important. – will there be need for additional equipment like Unight Light to help night shift do a thorough assessment. – what are the nurses to look at for skin assessment in dark skinned people since most signs and symptoms are stuff like: red spot, violet. – the cost of treating hospital developed pressure injury. Is it more time saving or consuming? I will create a change of shift form where the outgoing nurse will do an assessment of the pressure injury prone area and the incoming nurse will sign as a witness. You can also include it. below is my PICOT POPULATION: patients on a rehabilitation unit INTERVENTION: ensuring that skin checks are done at shift change COMPARISON: turning and repositioning OUTCOME: Decrease the amount of unit acquired pressure injuries on patients during their hospital stay TIME: measured weekly for 5 weeks QUESTION: Are patients whose skin is being checked as well as being turned and repositioned less likely to develop a pressure injury compared to those who are just being turned and repositioned? DO NOT PUT TITLE PAGE. START YOUR WRITING WITH THE THESIS STATEMENT. STRICKLY FOLLOW THE RUBRIC.

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