A. Check out
Play a game and take a picture or screen shot of your score and upload.
Look at all the OTHER resources available for teachers and explore the iCivics website. List and describe five different resources on the website that you find interesting.
B. Arizona became the first state to require that high-school seniors’ civics knowledge be tested before graduation. What exactly does the House Bill 2064 require of social studies instruction?
C. Take the Civics Practice Test at the US Department of Homeland Security website. To access the practice test, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the the blue button-Start Practice Test.
Answer the 20 questions on the practice test; upload a screen shot or picture of your score and explain by answering the following questions. What was your reaction to the types of questions asked? Are they too easy or too hard? Appropriate? Explain why you think so.
2. You have now taken a civics test, played a game, and investigated teaching materials. What are the pros and cons of House Bill 2064? (required civics test for HS graduation)
D. Read the 6 Proven Practices handout (uploaded in this module) that together constitute well rounded civic learning and think about your own education. How did you learn about and participate in democratic principles when you were a child?
1. List all 6 Proven Practices and state how your schooling provided opportunities to experience the practices.

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