Topic: how to obtain a government contract
Part I:
Write one or two sentences per bullet point using the topic above.
The goal is to create a research plan that involves the above topic
Scope and value:
What is the scope of the topic and your research?
What value does it bring to your life? To your professional life?
Communication medium:
How are you going to communicate your project?
How will you make your presentation different and unique?
Critical thinking questions:
Pose different questions that will help you with your research and investigate your topic in more depth.
Post critical questions that will push you to improve.
Part II:
Part II is a reflective paragraph that represents your critical thinking process when thinking about possible sources and your research. You are NOT looking for specific sources now. What type of sources will work best for your research? How can you support your project plan with credible, current, reliable, accurate, and relevant information?

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