Tourism and outdoor recreation.
I have been in Colorado for two years for work related, from many locations had visited Colorado spring is the most beautiful and a lot of activities for all ages, adults, middle age, and kids, can find any activities and all year long.
The Government John Hickenlooper signed the executive orders creating the Inter-Agency Trails and Recreation Council, to have a Colorado the Beautiful, to promote outdoor recreation.
In 2017 outdoor recreation contributed $62 billion to the Colorado economy and $35 billion to the state’s gross domestic products.
The outdoor activities such as parks, riding, hiking, bike path, trail, and running have created and supported 511,000 direct jobs, with 19 percent labor force, both rural and urban communities’ benefit from the economic contribution.
Colorado has the 2019 Colorado’s Outdoor Principles (SCORP), which have different priorities.
Priority I sustainable access and opportunity
Priority II stewardship
Priority III land, water, and wildlife conservation
Priority IV funding the future
Let’s mention priority III land, water and wildlife conservation, the goal private and public land and water conservation other recreation the environment and wildlife habitat. To work with jurisdictional and ownership boundaries to tackle the demand to have a relationship within the wildlife and natural with the need of outdoor recreation.
I use an app to search for the next hike event; I check the altitude, if friendly for kids, pets, the route to be safe for my kids.
I enjoy how Colorado is taking into consideration outdoor activities.
Hickenlooper, John SCORP Colorado
GOCO, great outdoors Colorado October 2018

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