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1. Describe and explain the “Standard Narrative” of human sexual evolution. Then examine at least one criticism of this narrative raised by the authors discussed in the course and indicate whether you agree or disagree with this criticism and why.
2. Compare and contrast Schopenhauer’s understanding of love and sexual desire (love = sex = “the next generation screaming to be born”) with Aristophanes’ notion of eros in Plato’s Symposium. Which account strikes you as closer to your own experience?
3. Explain Simon Blackburn’s positive account of sexual desire and lust. Compare and contrast this account with that of Kant.
4. Do you agree with Feona Atwood and Clarissa Smith that Gail Dines’ account of pornography is inadequate because it works by shocking the reader with extreme cases that she/he will likely find grotesque rather than persuading her with reasoned arguments?

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