[1]. It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I may think a property is beautiful and the lender may view the property as a potential liability and future disaster. After providing the lender with an appraisal the bank is still unwilling to offer a loan. How might a buyer convince the lender that a property is worthy of a loan and the risk involved for the lender? What creative ways thinking outside of the box could I use as borrower to secure the financing? [2]. When a potential borrower makes an application for a loan the lender will look at many different factors in order to make a decision to lend or not to lend. As the lender studies the risk of the loan what department is reviewing information and what is the term for this process? There is something called an LTV and ratios. Explain the LTV and the ratios. Are these meant to protect the lender or the borrower or both? If these ratios are ignored what are potential problems that may arise for lender and borrower?

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