Answer the following questions based on Chapter 13 of the linked textbook ONLY. Do not use outside sourcing for anything. Please turn it in by July 20 at 9:00 AM Central daylight time (CDT). Each answer should be at least a paragraph, but preferably two if possible. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 1. Discuss the concept of juvenile justice during the 19th century. Be sure to review the major social programs/institutions that were used to deal with the issue of juvenile delinquency. With the formation of the juvenile justice system in 1899, identify and discuss at least three changes that have occurred between the 19th and 20th century, in how American society deals with delinquency. Be specific. 2. Identify and discuss the philosophy of the early juvenile courts. What impact did the reform movement of the 1960s have to this philosophy? When looking at the rights that juvenile now have today versus these first years of the juvenile court where there was a more individualized approach, do you think that the modern system of these rights outweighs the original philosophy of the court in its early years? Why or why not? 3. Give an overview of the juvenile justice system. Be sure to include in your discussion some of the key points/institutions along the process as well a discussion of the various avenues/forms of diversion that can occur along the way. Based on your reading and your knowledge of the adult criminal justice system do you find a greater or lesser degree of discretion associated with the juvenile justice system. Use evidence from the text to support either position. 4. Based on the textbook define the concept of a juvenile from a legal standpoint. Be sure to include a discussion of minimum and maximum ages. Do you think that the use of a minimum age set in law is appropriate or should there be some form of test utilized to determine culpability? Explain your reasoning for choosing one over the other. 5. Discuss the concept of Teen Courts. What are the primary benefits associated with courts such as these? Based on your understanding of Teen Courts, do you think that such systems should be used in place of traditional juvenile court processes? Why or why not. link to textbook:

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