Assimilation theory generally falls into two categories: 1) theories explaining assimilation among pre – 1965 waves of immigrants and their descendants and 2) theories explaining and predicting assimilation processes of more recent immigrants and their descendants (i.e., those who immigrated after 1965, aka the “new” second generation). Theories describing the earlier second generation were posited by Herb Gans and Milton Gordon; Alba & Nee and Portes & Zhou are the primary theorists about assimilation for the “new” post-1965 second generation. Write an essay which compares and contrasts theories of assimilation as they pertain to the pre -1965 and post-1965 immigrants. In your essay address the following points: – What are the main features of the old and new theories about second generation assimilation? – What are the similarities differences between the theories of Park, Gans ,and Gordon which pertains to the “old” second generation? – What are the similarities and differences between theories posited by Alba & Nee and Portes & Zhou in terms of the “new” second generation? Next, select one of the theories you’ve discussed. Do you think that this theory does a good job at explaining the assimilation process for the second generation group they are discussing? (e.g., Does the segmented assimilation theory posited by Portes & Zhou do a good job of explaining the assimilation of today’s second generation? Why or why not?) Provide evidence from the readings to support your claim about how useful the theory is. Requirements: Your essay must reference at least THREE of the class materials in your essay. Quotations – i.e., anything that is word-for-word from the original text – must be enclosed in quotation marks and contain the page number. Use in-text citations in your essay (see the rules from thePurdueOWL also listed on a separate references page. You may use either APA or MLA citation style. Be consistent. Create Separate reference page for your essay. The reference page doesn’t count toward the length/word count of your paper. • WRITING: It is expected that your essays will be written in an organized fashion (e.g., introduction and concluding paragraphs, transitions between paragraphs) and that an academic writing style is used. You can use the first person (“I argue that…”). Materials:

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