In this assignment, you will create a slide presentation about patient privacy issues.
Explain ownership and use of the health record as regulated by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
Describe patient rights related to health record disclosure as outlined by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
Identify the minimum elements that must be present to constitute a valid release of patient information.
Summarize patient rights provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
Define the purpose of an institutional review board.
Explore the legal aspects of patient record requirements and access to health information.
Compare and contrast the rights of access of patient and third parties to patient-specific health information.
Explain the role that institutional review boards play in the access by researchers to health information regarding human subjects.
Step 1:Read the following scenario:
You are the director of respiratory services at a small-population health care facility providing general, emergency, and pediatric care. Because of downsizing and consolidation of managerial functions, you are also responsible for staff education in your facility. How you would structure and present an in-service program to staff members of various departments that addresses confidentiality policies and procedures of your facility, and the legal bases underlying these policies and procedures. What are the key items that must be covered in your presentation in regard to confidentiality, proper reporting of a breach of information, simple tasks in our work areas that will help insure patient privacy, etc.
Step 2:Create a PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation should be at least 10-12 slides, with proper in-text support and notes.

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