Develop a proposal to your problem with an explanation of how it would be implemented. In addition, list justifying reasons that you believe will show how the proposal will be effective and will address the needs of the audience. Post this to the Discussion tab by July 25. and comment on a peer’s proposal by answering the questions listed to respond to.
Proposal, Justifying Reasons, and Critique on a Peer’s
you may use any of these work cited to do the descussion board:
Works Cited:
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could you please do respond my peer’s decission board:
review the peoposal of another student and make constructive critism about it by responding to these question:
*how well do you see this solution lessening the problem? (respond in at least 2 to 3 sentences)
* what alternative solution may be better?( list at least one and explain why in 2 to 3 sentences)
* how logical are the justifying reasons,and how much real evidence be obtained to support them?(respond in at least 2 to 3 sentences)
My proposal topic is why high schools should be teaching students about finacial literacy as a core curriculum. The solution is simple, we need to introduce financial literacy into our schools to ensure that students’ understand finances. Thus, educating them on how to manage money, credit cards, APR, and student loans to ensure their stability in the future. So many students’ leave high school with no idea how to handle finances for themselves, let alone have enough education on what loans they will be committing to. Educating them on investments and budgeting is a must for students’ in high school so we are not releasing these young adults into the world blind anymore. I proposed that we make it a requriement to have students take a class in financial literacy, just as they take english and math. Some states have already started to include these classes into their curriculum with positive results thus far. The studies have shown that the classes are having a positive impact on the financial future of the students’ taking the class. Rather than just sign these young adults up for years of student loan repayments, let explain these loans and interest rates to ensure the best for their future.
The proposal would be effective because studies have already shown that students’ that have participated are showing a positive impact on their financial future, students’ will have a better understanding of terms and loans resulting in more financial aid and grants being given to students, and it woud impact the futures of some students’ who otherwise may have no attended a college or trade school due to the misconception that they would not be able to afford it. By creating a class like this we will be helping to reduce all students’ debts and give them a better understanding of how to manage their money to the best of their ability.
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