For this assignment, you will write a research paper. The purpose of this paper is to explore a social problem, connect it to sociological theoretical perspectives, analyze secondary sources that lead you to informed opinions, and provide possible solutions as well as problems that may arise to those solutions, all of which you will eventually present in class.
Part I
Step 1:
Pick a social issue that you think constitutes a social problem – either one mentioned in the textbook and covered in class or any other that exists. Once you have done this, analyze the social problem itself. (incorporate at least 1 peer reviewed journal)
· What is the problem? Define it. Explain it.
· How did it originate?
· What does it consist of? What are the problems and consequences in society because of it?
· Explain the multiple dimensions of the problem -global, political, economic, cultural, etc.
Step 2:
Then, shift gears and explain how such a social problem can be explained through one of the 3 primary theoretical perspectives: symbolic interactionism, functionalist, and conflict theory. Make sure your opinion is supported with reliable empirical evidence, analyzed sufficiently to make informed conclusions. (incorporate at least 1 peer reviewed journal)
· Why does this social problem exist through the eyes of one of the aforementioned theories?
· Despite one theory fitting the best, it never fully addresses all aspects of the issue. Therefore, explain what the shortcomings are? Basically, what – within the social problem – cannot be explained through this particular theory and why?
Step 3:
Finally, include a section for a possible solution and awareness to the social problem.
· What is a possible solution?
· What would it entail? Who would be involved? How would order be maintained?
· How can you raise public awareness on this problem?
· What possible problems could arise from your proposed solution?
Note: Be sure to research your problem and find peer-reviewed reliable articles; do not simply find opinion pieces where research has not been conducted. The best way to avoid finding unreliable sources is by using the UTRGV Online library.
APA formatting should be followed. Resort to Purdue Owl if you have questions on such formatting. The 3-page minimum does not include title page, abstract, or reference page.
Remember to do the following:
Double space
12 point font
Times New Roman
Paragraph form using headings
Check for grammar
Appropriate APA citations

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