For this discussion forum, you will solve a problem that is very simillar to the problems in the test. The best way to learn from a test is by reviewing the steps to solve the problems. Because correlation and regresssion analysis are the two most important topics for this class and both topics will be included in the final exam, we are going to focus on a problem that allows us to learn more about these two topics. Read the problem and provide the solution. To be able to receive points for this assignment, you must develop the problem entirely, discussing each step and providing the actual solution (40 points). After your post your initial comment, you will be able to see what other students have posted and you examine how other students have solved it and discuss the various methods (10 points) Spoiler alert: This will actually help us prepare for the final exam. Problem During choir practice, Professor Smith wanted to observe whether the number of minutes per week spent practicing piano made any difference on children’s ability to hit a high note when singing. Use the data below: # of times child hits note # of minutes of piano per week 15 30 16 45 21 30 32 60 10 30 40 90 Find the correlation between the two variables (10 points) Create the scatterplot and draw the line for the linear regression. What is the slope? (10 points) What is the intercept? (10 points) What is the best point on the line that demonstrate that your regression equation represents the best fitted line in the data? (10 points) For this problem, the solution has to be provided by hand and not using Excel.

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