Hey MGT 6570 Summer 2021
Final Exam
Submit your typewritten final exam in Word or a .pdf to the assignment link no later than 11:55 p.m. Sunday, July 25, 2021.
Each response should
(1) Start on a new page
(2) Identify the industry/business in which you currently work OR a business/industry you aspire to work in;
(3) be a minimum of 600 words (about 2 pages, double-spaced);
(4) show knowledge of the research papers posted in Moodle;
(5) illustrate knowledge of the appropriate chapter content of the Geringer, McNett, and Ball text readings; and,
(6) demonstrate ability to integrate the knowledge into a coherent response related to the industry in which you work or aspire to work.
(7) Include the question at the top of the page, but do not include it in your word count.
Format – APA
• Cite and reference your sources of information using APA format. You do not have to provide a full reference to your colleagues’ papers, however, you should acknowledge them by last name in your writing. For instance, “According to Barnes and Calloway (2020), …… .”
• Format your document with a title page, a running head, and page numbers. Each question response should begin with a new page. The title page should include your name, the name of your industry & business, and the date.
1. Consider the international political forces and trade agreements affecting your industry and the research papers from Week 4 (Chapter 5 and Supplement A). Discuss the impact of the political forces on your workplace/industry since 2020.
2. Given your reading of Chapters 7-8 and knowledge of the research papers for Week 5, discuss the current and potential impact on your industry of the shadow economy, cryptocurrency, and the changing role of the U.S. dollar in world trade.
3. After reviewing supplement B and Chapter 9 along with the research papers from Week 6, discuss the importance of incoterms in your industry and how corporate controllable variables in your industry have changed post-pandemic.
4. Based on your review of Supplement C and Chapter 13 as well as the research papers from Week 7, discuss post-pandemic changes to the supply chain in your industry and how firms in your industry might adjust their international marketing.
5. Based on your reading of Chapters 14 and 15, as well as the research papers of your colleagues in Week 8, discuss the importance of labor mobility and triple bottom line accounting for the future of your industry.

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