Hi there,
I am studing International Business and This is an assignment for the following module -> Managing Across Cultures
For the report I would like it to be based on the topic of business communication
Please see below full assignment topic:
Assignment Details and Instructions:
The purpose of this assignment is to analyse the challenges within cross-cultural working during the process of internationalisation. Critically analyse with reference to relevant literature ONE of the two topics/challenges listed below and present three detailed recommendations as to how an organisation looking to expand overseas could overcome the challenges posed by your chosen topic:
1. Business Communication
2. Multicultural Virtual Teams
Choose one of the two challenges to cross cultural working.
Critically analyse your chosen topic; present a review of the key academic research relating to the topic, in order to provide a comprehensive account of the issue; the challenges it could pose during the process of internationalisation and its relevance to cross-cultural working. Provide THREE detailed recommendations as to how an organisation can minimise the likelihood of cross-cultural difficulties occurring.
Format of Assignment
· The word limit is 2000 words (excluding reference list (Harvard referencing)).
· You should ensure that you clearly state the TOPIC/CHALLENGE you have chosen to discuss.
· You need to ensure that you are writing in an academic style throughout. This includes using academic references for both sections of the assignment. You need to incorporate appropriate theory extensively in your work and ensure that you are referencing in Harvard style.
· You will be assessed on your ability to construct an argument using appropriate academic references and journal articles, models, theory and practical case examples to illustrate your points. The use of web based sites and information should be kept to minimum. Wikipedia references are inappropriate for an academic piece of work and should not be used under any circumstances.
· As a guide, you should draw on and appropriately cite at least 12 academic references in your assignment.
· Remember that the purpose of this assignment is to analyse theory through practical examples. Use references from literature and organisational examples to support your arguments throughout the report.
Additional Information
In tackling questions in cross-cultural management, it is important to be able to link the theory we have discussed with the real life issues of international working; particularly in being able to identify, analyse and make sense of the problems in relation to your chosen topic. This will demonstrate that you have the ability to relate to the theoretical constructs we have discussed and show an awareness of the usefulness of theory in making sense of cross-cultural complexity.
It is therefore essential that you use theory to inform practice (critique examples drawn from various organisations) and critically evaluate these theories – what are the strengths and weaknesses, opposing arguments etc. You need to show an awareness and acknowledgement of their complexities and justify your suggestions and recommendations.

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