How did the Supreme Court’s ruling on the ACA affect Medicaid? How did the ACA affect the Medicaid program in terms of coverage and cost? What provisions has the federal government made for providing healthcare to military personnel and veterans of the U.S. armed forces? Discuss the prospective payment system under Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs). Briefly explain the prescription drug program under Medicare Part D. How might this affect a senior citizen with a chronic condition? For this assignment, pick one of the above items to address, and then please: Prepare a two-paragraph written response to one of the prompts Identify two things your peers said that resonated with you, and explain why from any DB posting Assignment Guidelines and Rubric As you participate in this discussion: Remember the netiquette guidelines for this class. Refer to the course resources and your own knowledge/experiences to inform your statements. Ask questions of each other and respond to each other. Consider other issues you see within the topic and any possible ways to address them. To recap: Answer the prompt for one of the four questions fully. Refer to course resources in your response. Refer to two things peers said in other postings that resonated with you and explain why those statements resonated.

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