I have already started this essay. However, I would really appreciate if someone can comple these two pages for me following the requirements. These two pages will be added to what I already have written as part of the essay. It is important that these two pages flow along with my paper so it can be read as a whole and not two different papers. I will attach my portion of the essay which is about 3 pages so far.
My PICOT question: in laboring women who are delivering in the hospital, do positions other than the lithotomy position, lead to a decreased incidence of complications and assisted deliveries?
Below are the needed requirements:
Page length: 2
Summarize at minimum 6 research articles, which meet the following criteria:
Original research studies, preferably published from 2010 to the present.
At least 4 of the 6 studies should be quantitative
Two studies should be qualitative.
Variations from these criteria must be approved in advance by the instructor.
Content of this section should include:
Completion of the literature review to include:
Authors, Title, Publication Date
Data Collection Method
Major Findings/Conclusions for Quantitative Research or Key Findings/Themes for Qualitative Research
References (updated, if necessary)
Grading Rubric: Summary & Critique of Research Articles
Description of the research problem and purpose of each original research article
Description of the research methods for each original research article
Summary of the major finding and conclusions for each original research article
Followed criteria for original research article selection
APA Format (title page, citations, reference page)
Writing mechanics – appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity and professional style of writing. Page length appropriate
Revisions to Parts I & II successfully completed and highlighted
Total points _____/20
*Rating: 5 – Complete, well-developed, successfully accomplished.
4 – Mostly accomplished, with minimal errors.
3 – Somewhat accomplished, with substantial errors.
2 – Attempted, lacks depth or clarity, substantial errors present.
0 – Not attempted.

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