I need a 5 page essay written about the civil rights movement. I would include different people who were involved, big events that happened. You could go through the timeline of the civil rights movement. It needs to be in MLA format and 5 full pages long. It is also double spaced. I need it by 1pm today. NO PLAGIARISM!!!!! There are multiple differetn ways you could format it. here are examples- Types of Arguments
1. Causal: Cause and Effect. You might write about the cause of something, like the Civil Rights Movement; the effect of something like plastic pollution; or the cause AND effect of something, like homelessness.
2. Recommendation: This can be a problem/solution essay. Try avoiding writing extensive information about problems that are well documented (homelessness, climate change). Balance that sort of discussion with an energetic solution argument.
3. Evaluation: Something is good or bad. Film reviews are arguments of evaluation, as are many problem/solution arguments.
4. Persuasion: This is straight up pro/con. You want to persuade your reader to adopt your side.
5. Combination: many essays will include more than one of the above listed.
thank you! you are a lifesaver.

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