. In an MLA formatted document, discuss the content Glynn et al. (the textbook authors) present on MODES. What are each of the modes discussed and what is important about each? (This part should be at least 250 words long). USE in-text citations on all content you take from the textbook. Cite it by page number, such as the following: Modes are also called genres and are defined by the content of the writing (56). Notice there is no “p.” in front of the page number. Notice where the end period is located. 2. Define the terms “connotation” and “denotation.” Why does word choice and how writers use them matter? (I always think of words with strong connotations, like “murder” and “hate,” or “love.” When we LIKE someone romantically, it is a big commitment when we say LOVE him/her.) THERE should be a Work Cited page as the last page of the assignment. Refer to page 409 of A Writer’s Reference, section 28b. Since there are three authors, reference the top of page 395 for listing the author’s names: Glynn, Alexandra, et al.

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