In constructing your paper, please address the questions below. Make sure you synthesize course material into your paper (information from the eText and additional resources is expected). Identify yourself and your family in respect to your culture/ethnicity, and be as specific as possible. For example, South Korean rather than Asian; or Cuban rather than Latino. Discuss the impact of your ethnic identity on your daily life and your development as a person. Discuss times when your ethnicity became a source of pride and times when it may have been a challenge? Discuss how your ethnicity plays out in your work life? How do your cultural experiences relate to specific topics and concepts discussed in the chapter and additional resources? How would you create a workplace training program that enhances sensitivity to and acceptance of cultural diversity? What would it look like? Be specific. Self-Reflection Paper graded according to the following criteria: Writing is clear, organized, logical, and free of writing mistakes (grammar, punctuation, spelling, paragraph usage…): up to 15 points Responses to all the above questions are insightful, utilizing appropriate details and examples: up to 35 points Application of knowledge gained from the course content: up to 35 points Proper use of APA style: up to 15 points Total Points: 100

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