In Jayhawkville, you’ll see Hawksville University. Currently, Hawksville is in the Mountain West Conference with the exact revenue and expenses profile as Colorado State University. However, the President and Athletics Director are proposing a move to the Big 12. One driving factor to making the move deals with the financial benefits. Specifically, being a member of the Big 12 will dramatically increase the amount of guaranteed revenue Hawksville University will receive.
For this assignment, draft a memo to the Kansas Board of Regents detailing why this move is in the best interest of the university from a financial perspective.
This memo should include the following:
Offer examples from schools who have made a similar move in the last ten years and the financial implications.
Provide the revenue distribution model for the Big 12 and outline how much Hawksville would have earned in the past three years if they were a conference member.
Outline the additional costs that will come from this move.
Finish the memo with a chart detailing the worst, most likely, and best case scenario regarding the conference distributions Hawksville University will receive in both conferences from 2020-2023.

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