In the video we watched this week, “What is worldview?,” and in your assigned reading from the Myers and Nobel’s text (2015), the concept of worldview was presented as a lens or a filter through which one understands the world. As we begin our study on this topic, it is important for you to understand your starting place and to think through the parameters of your current worldview.In a two-page paper (not including the title or reference pages), list out the ten “ways of looking at the world” (located on pages 15-17 of Myers and Nobel’s text), and give a brief explanation of your views on each topic. Your assignment should be formatted according to APA standard guidelines.This will not be exhaustive, and over the next five weeks it will grow in depth and nuance, but the goal of this assignment is to help you establish what your worldview is at a preliminary level, prior to studying ones that will challenge and contradict it.Click on the Session 1 Paper link and submit your assignment as a Word document by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.
Requirements: 2 pages

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