In your paper, ensure you: Summarize the case you chose and the legal issues facing the juvenile and the court. Define the role and key parameters of the juvenile justice system. Explain the function of juvenile vs. adult courts. Summarize the court’s philosophy of juvenile justice used in this case. Explain how law enforcement and the courts might have interacted differently with this person as a juvenile than if they had been an adult. Summarize the rights and confidentiality protections that exist for this juvenile that are not the same for adults. Use the State Profiles from the National Juvenile Defender Center, and include at least 1 policy specific to your state that would be relevant in this case. Describe at least 2 additional factors that officers and the court must consider for the juvenile in this case that may not work the same way for adults. Use language and terms appropriate for each justice system when comparing juveniles versus adults. Cite at least 2 academic sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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