Image yourself as an employee of a fictional law office who has just received a
task to create two important documents. The first will be a legal office
memorandum, while the second will be a related letter, written on behalf of your
“boss,” to a new client.
Words to the wise:
There are no hidden surprises in the assignment’s fact pattern. On the other hand, you will have to conduct a search for legal resources, analyze them, and then
apply them to the assignment’s fact pattern. If you need to add a minor additional fact so that your analysis will be able to flow well, that’s ok. But please do not add so much that the underlying fact pattern is unrecognizable.
Finally, please note that each of the two required documents are limited in length. Compliance with page limitations is important. It is actually harder to write a
shorter document than it is to write a longer one. But doing so strengthens your
ability to make every word count because you will have to choose each word very carefully to convey your precise meaning. It also will help you to avoid the very
common error of relying on passive voice.
**I have attached resources we have used recently to assist with the assignment**

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