Initial Plan Development
This course has major project assignments that will be due in Weeks 3 and 5. It will take more than a week’s effort to adequately complete them. Plan time to start the research and other work for those assignments earlier than the week in which they are due.
This week, you will submit the first four parts of the course-length project. The project analyzed must be the project approved by the instructor in Week 1. The deliverables for Week 2 are:
The statement of need: Write a brief description of the chosen organization and discuss the background information associated with the problems that need to be solved.
The goals and objectives of the project: Identify project goals and the underlying objectives. Quantify the measurable performance expectations of the project plan to determine whether it meets the planned objectives. Performance should be defined in terms of:
The product or process specification
The total budget at completion of the plan
The time frame for completion of the plan
Stakeholders and project requirements: Identify the project’s stakeholders. Analyze their needs and wants and create a list of project requirements derived from the inputs provided by the stakeholders.
Project scope development: Identify the scope of the project to define the work that needs to be performed to meet the project objectives.
Week Deliverables
Week 1
The proposed project topic paper
Week 2
The statement of need
The statement of the goals and objectives of the project
Stakeholder and project requirements
The project scope statement
Week 3
The project communications plan
Project risk assessment
The organization and human resources plan
Week 4
The project schedule and budget
Week 5
The project control plan
The project closeout plan
The final presentation and paper

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