It is an argument essay (10-12 pages “excluding Works Cited page”; at least eight sources, Use MLA style). Follow the outline sheet I attached, so that the essay is organized and clear. My topic is animal testing. I want to argue that animal testing and animal research is not totally bad. Animal research should not be banned because it has helped us to make life-changing discoveries, animals are biologically very similar to humans, in biomedical research, animal research benefits humans as well as animals; however, animal researched should be replaced when alternatives are available and effective enough. (This is going to be my Argument statement “Thesis”) but of course it needs to be changed and modified based on the body and argument points. I have already done some research and attached what I have (file name is rough draft). But I cannot submit what I have because it is too short. You need to find more sources and follow the outline structure. You MUST use some of my sentences and sources. And preferably incorporate all of my work into the paper when fits so that is does not appear that someone else is doing it. I have done a short bibliography and a mini Literature review. I will include them too for you to use them. As we head to the finish line, I have provided some information that should help you to strengthen your final argumentative paper. PLEASE, spend time going over the sample and the handouts. You should plan to spend a little more time on your work this week, since you will be submitting your first draft for peer response, at the end of the week. The more you have done, the more feedback you can get! I have included the same sample final paper from a few weeks ago, only this time with highlights (attached below). Read the essay and notice how well she has organized her work. I have highlighted several aspects that you should include in your final draft. Moreover, this model should help when you give feedback to your peers. For example, for the most part, you can read the first and last sentences of her paragraphs (in the paper’s body) and understand her argument. Why? She gives clear topic sentences (with transitions), and she ends the paragraph with a sentence re-cap. Notice how the first and last lines of each paragraph “echo” each other. Make sure your paper does the same thing. (Also, make sure your peers’ papers do it as well.) Note that she reiterates (reminds) readers of her thesis and how her points support that thesis. Her conclusion contains a nice summary, without being to verbose, and a restatement of her thesis. Further, she gives author credentials and proper citations. The sample is about a different topic, but it is provided to you as an example of a perfect essay to follow. (I attached the sample in the fine name “perfect argument essay sample”)

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