J+S #3
Greetings, Scholars!
The resources below include a story about a Little Boy. Since we have also discussed gender, this story could easily be read using a girl as well. Either read or watch this quick story and answer the following questions:
1. Would you be the teacher at the beginning of the story or the end?
2. Is it possible to be both of these teachers?
3. Does the content you are teaching warrant teaching like the first teacher or the second…or perhaps, content does not matter in your opinion?
Once again, Journaling does not require academic support, can be bulleted, and there are NO wrong answers. SO look forward to your insights.

The Little Boy
I would most definitely be the second teacher. As a preschool teacher, I know how creative children are. I think it is so interesting to see how differently the minds of children work when they are given the same task. At the same time there are crafts that do require some assistance and explanation. When teaching the letters of the alphabet, we had an activity for the letter A where the child had to create the letter A out of popsicle sticks. We showed the children how to do this and in this case it would be more along the lines of the first teacher. Therefore, I do think the content you are teaching warrants whether you can teach like the first teacher or the second. For many activities however, I think the best way to teach is to not instruct the child or show examples and simply ask them to be creative and use their imagination to complete the task.

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