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Why Women File For Divorce More Than Men | Flashback – YouTube
Why women want out of long-term marriages – YouTube
7 Reasons Why Most People Divorce – YouTube
Some cities in China are reporting record-high divorce rates after stay-at-home orders have lifted – YouTube
More babies or more divorces post COVID-19? Experts predict both! – YouTube
How Is COVID-19 Affecting Relationships? | The Daily Social Distancing Show – YouTube (Start at 6:15)
Consider both the positive and negative consequences of divorce. Do you think restricting divorce through more stringent laws would be a wise public policy? Explain. Should couples who are experiencing marital difficulties be required to undergo counseling before being allowed to file for divorce? Should couples with children meet stricter standards for divorce than child-free couple? Conversely, should marriage licenses depend on receiving premarital counseling? Explain. In your paper identify 1 theory and three vocabulary words as identified in your textbook and or Connect.
References and citations required for outside information.
1 Page per topic – 1 page for the theory portion and 1 page of the theorist portion. 2 pages minimum with a combined 1200 word minimum requirement. You can upload both as a single document rather than two separate items. It is easiest to create the document in Word and then copy and paste it into the text box.

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