Market Entry Presentation (Pitch): Students prepare a foreign market entry pitch for a product of their choice. This can be a product or service from their current employer or a fictitious employer. Meaning select an existing or fictitious company operating out of the United States, then select a foreign country to expand to. The goal is to create a fully formatted presentation ready to be used for a board room presentation in order to suggest market entry in a particular foreign country. As such, it covers all steps necessary for market entry. From the Moodle site, please download the market entry pitch power point template. The second slide on the outline lists the slide numbers that need to be filled out and prepared for each class. Starting from the second class, during each class, students will share their most recent version of their pitches in class as part of class participation. You will give a quick pitch presentation on week 8. Presentations should be a maximum of 10 minutes and succinct in nature. Practice beforehand.
Market Entry Paper: Students prepare a written paper that accompanies their market entry pitch and covers the details of their market entry decisions. The objective is not a research paper. Its intent is to demonstrate a critical analysis of the market entry decisions by relating to the economic and businessconcepts introduced in the course sessions using your notes, experiences, and the text. Papers should be no more than 6pages, typed, and double-spaced using one-inch margins. To guide your efforts, do not write simply to demonstrate what you know. Demonstrate what you know by relating to or explainingthe issues using economic and business concepts discussed in the course.

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