Midterm Exam (100 points)
Answer the questions in any order you want, but label each answer clearly. Use specific examples to support your points in each essay. Do not do outside research: use your notes. Due Monday 26 July by 11:59 PM CDT Please email me your completed exam. If you have any questions or issues please email me and I will get back to you ASAP. Good luck!
Question 1: 25 Points (Answer ONE)
A. How would a 19th century Conservative and a Classical Liberal view the Moderate Phase of the French Revolution? What aspects would each support? What aspects would each oppose? Why? How would a Marxist interpret the French Revolution of 1789?
B. How did the Consumer Revolution, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution challenge/change the economy and society of the Ancien Régime? How would a Socialist define the economy and society of the Ancien Régime?
Question 2: 25 Points
How and why did Nationalism go from a Liberal goal to a Conservative goal? How did the German nation envisioned and planned by the Liberals in 1848 differ from the German nation created by Conservatives in 1871? In addition, how did the methods of nation building differ? How did Nationalism affect the Revolution of 1848 in the Austrian Empire?
Question 3: 25 Points
How were the Congress of Vienna and the Holy Alliance the epitomes of 19th century Conservatism? How did Classical Liberals challenge the status quo established by the Congress of Vienna? How did Socialists envision changing the status quo established by the Congress of Vienna?
Question 4: 25 Points (Answer ONE)
A. How did Liberal Gender Ideology justify traditional paternalism? How did Political Feminism challenge Liberal Gender Ideology? How did Socialist Feminism and Anarcha-Feminism differ from Political Feminism?
B. Explain the how and why Classical Liberalism changed into New Liberalism during the Fin de Siècle. What were the differences between Classical and New Liberalism? How did Conservatism change as the result of the Fin de Siècle?
C. Classical Liberalism was the dominant ideology of the 19th century. How did Individualist Anarchism, the Second Industrial Revolution, Second Scientific Revolution, Racist Nationalism and Modernism challenge the tenets of 19th century Liberalism? How did Evolutionary Socialism differ from Classical Marxism?

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