Please review Excel Tutorial Videos and the attached Demo file to assist you in preparing your assignments.
This assignment requires you to utilize an Excel (or any other) electronic data sheet. If you need assistance you can use the Excel Help options. Note: Your Professor has the means to verify whether your submitted data sheet has original work.
A strong earthquake 50 miles west of the Southern California coastline created a tsunami wave that hit the beach cities of San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach.
First responders are reporting continuously on human casualties: dead and injured, and structure damage: damaged and destroyed.
You are at the County ICS command post, and receiving said reports from the field, compiling them within an Excel file.
Your assignment:
Access the EDM Data Base.
By using the Excel Filter tool and Sum function fill all cells in the report table below.
Submit your posting to include:
Your report table, including the actual Excel file you worked on.
Point out the major findings of your report.
Explain which Excel tools you used to prepare your report.
Highlighted cells should be functions.
Comment on at least two other’s results and conclusions regarding their discussion posts. Your comment, for example, should state whether you agree or disagree with your classmate’s discussion assignment results and why. These should be relevant and meaningful response posts with clarifying explanation and detail – in at least 50 words, not to exceed 100 words.

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