Prepare a response in which you describe one way that you, as a healthcare employee, can help an institution prevent a HIPAA violation. Choose to either film yourself sharing your response or to create a slideshow (with audio narration) that presents your response. Explore and choose a way to record your response: Screencast-o-Matic Screencastify Animoto You can also record on a phone or any digital video recorder and upload. Record your short video response: Introduce yourself and your current position Describe one way you can prevent a HIPAA violation Explain exactly how that prevents a violation Note the reasons that avoiding violations is important in your current setting Save your video in a format that is compatible with uploading it to YouTube. Submit the video by using the “submit” link and/or uploading it to YouTube and sharing that link. As the final presentation requires you to create a healthcare video, this assignment will serve as practice to help you become comfortable with writing a script and filming a video.

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