Pretend that you have a friend who is interested in taking LIT 2000 online. Compose an email where you explain your experience with the course and what you learned throughout the semester. What connections did you make that seemed interesting? What readings really made good points that you found helpful. What did you struggle with? What might you tell your friend to be sure and spend extra time on? Why?
Your email should be no more than two double-spaced pages. Be sure to give specific examples from the course and your own writing this semester.
Here are a few things to consider when writing the response:
-I enjoyed the course. The course was well planned and easy to follow. Despite me missing a week of class, it was enough time to complete the assignments and not feel overwhelemed.
-Throughout the semeseter I learned how to read like a critic. Historical criticism was my favorite.
-The connections I made that seem interesting was reading like a feminist, and gender critic. and reading like a racial, ethnic and cultural identity critic.
-I would say that more time should be spent on applying and practicing the concepts.

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