Request: The following is requires for your Corporate Code of Conduct survey Paper: Visit the website of a publicly-traded company or private company of your choice.
Download your chosen company’s code of conduct and ethics policy (some companies have one or both).
Read and analyze the code of conduct and ethics policy of your company.
Write a 6 page; 1.5 spaced paperwhich clearly and logically summarizes the policies of your chosen company. Also, your paper must address the following additional areas:
(i) Discuss the values that your company holds
(ii) Discuss the infrastructural components of your Company’s ethics policy
(iii) Summarize the tools available to employees who are in an ethical dilemma
(iv) Discuss why you think the Company has approached its ethic’s policy in the manner it has chosen (For example, a CPA firm may place great emphasis on reducing conflict of interest, this is because professional firms have a duty to serve the public interest).
Make sure your paper has a clear thesis (the thesis must be written in italic and must be very specific – papers without a clear thesis will not be graded and will receive a failing mark), structured presentation, logical transitions, and error free grammar.
Objectives of the given task: To encourage internet-based research into the topic of formal corporate ethics policies.
Allow students to research, summarize, and present a summary of a corporation’s ethics policy.
Promote structured, organized, and critical thinking and writing.
Requirements: APA, 6 Pages, Double Spaced, Times New Roman 12.

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