Step One: Review “The Birthmark” and the other essay you have chosen to compare it to. Carefully go over what you highlighted, underlined, and annotated in each essay to identify what points you found most significant in each one. Step Two: As you review the two essays of choice, focus on the similarities and differences among them in regards to their characterization, theme and use of symbolism in each essay and how each author used these elements to strengthen their story and hidden messages. Remember, you will need to provide support for the points you make by using examples, illustrations or quotes from each essay. Step Three: Follow the template below to help you organize your paper. Each prompt’s bulleted point must be worked into a well written paragraph beginning with a topic sentence. Format for Comparative Essay: Paragraph One – Introductory Paragraph Your introductory paragraph needs to draw your reader in and prepare them for what is to come in your essay. Specify the title of the works, and their author’s names followed by a brief summary of each plot followed by the areas you will highlight in your essay. How would you describe the plot of the two stories? What’s alike about them? What’s different? Mention the characters, the theme and symbolism used in each essay, and areas of significance you will be writing about. Conclude your introductory paragraph with your well crafted thesis mentioning what comparisons you will be making. (Highlight your theses statement in bold letters.) Paragraphs Two, Three, & Four (How you structure the information below is up to you – however, your information should be well organized in a three solid paragraph formation. Since you are comparing, use either “block to block” or, “point to point” format. As a review, descriptions for this is on p. 1060. If you need a refresher on thesis statements and topic sentences you can also find information on p. 1048, & 1056 respectively.) How would you describe each story’s hero or heroine? What makes them alike? What (internal and external) characteristics do they share? What makes them different? What (internal and external) characteristics differentiate them? How would you describe the problems or conflicts that the heroes or heroines of these stories face? How, exactly, are the problems and conflicts alike in the different stories? How are they different? How would you describe the resolutions to these conflicts offered in the stories? In what ways are those resolutions alike? In what ways are they different? What the central theme in each story, how are they alike or different? How, when and where is symbolism used in each story? What is its significance? Paragraph Five – Conclusion Concluding paragraph must review main points introduced in the thesis statement. Paragraph must review main points and highlights discussed throughout the essay focusing on major points of comparison. Conclusion with end with a statement that impacts the reader and leaving them with something to think about – possibly suggesting new way to look at the situation. ( i CHOSE Danticat’s “A Wall of Fire Rising”. SO PLEASE COMPARE THE BIRTHMARK TO THE WALL OF FIRE RISING)

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