Subject: African American Literature
1. I provided the primary source, which is the paper you wrote “ReMaking America.”
2. MLA
3. Maximum of 1500- words. I only paid for 1000-words. As long as the paper has 5 paragraphs (introduction, 3 supporting paragraphs, and conclusion)
4. You can find any 4 secondary scholarly Sources. There is a link that is in the instruction word document that will guide you and explain what are secondary sources.
Look back:
Take a moment to review the modules from the last seven weeks, and make note of what lessons or topics most resonated with you.
Look Around:
With an historical perspective in mind, review the contemporary African American offerings and samples in the genres of literature, music, film offered in the module.
Look Up, Ahead, Backward, and Forward Again:
Exploring the intersection of history and contemporary art-making, write a short exploratory essay that references both the work of African American artists from the past and present.
Essay Requirements:
– Essays should be 800 – 1500 words
– Essays should be in MLA format with In-text citations AND Works Cited page
– Essays should reference chosen text/media and at least FOUR outside sources
The essays should be written in third person; please steer clear of informal second-person (“you”) and narrative first-person (“I”)
Questions to help guide your work:
Are there any direct historical references in the contemporary work? Are there any implied historical references in the contemporary work? Are there any allusions to earlier literary works, either by African Americans or others, in the contemporary selection? (Look up “allusion” here) If the contemporary work references a current event, can the cause or effect of that event be traced to a particular historical event, person, or phenomenon? Does the reception or popularity of the contemporary work reflect the difficulties we have talking about the history of African American life in America? Does the reception or popularity of the contemporary work surprise or disappoint? Does the contemporary artist consider him or herself an activist? Does the contemporary art reflect popular culture? Do you see any similarities between the traditional, classic, and modern art-making by African Americans and the art-making of contemporaries? Do you notice any differences?
Does the contemporary work fit into any of the categories of protest described in the resource in the module? Does the contemporary work incite any feelings of hope for a future reckoning of our shared past as Americans?

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